To Live is an Awfully Big Adventure

Q u o t e o f t h e d a y: “Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting."
What’s Happening
Today I left on a search for Neverland with 70 other lost boys and girls embarking on a Remote Year.
What does this mean for me? Mom always said I was different, and that's true. I have lived most of my 28 years challenging my family and friends with my point of view on the world and my curiosity to discover the unknown. Sometimes it made me feel like an odd ball, but I have never been more sure that different is a good thing. I have sprinkled myself with Pixie dust and I am jumping on a flight to Split, Croatia where my yearlong global journey living in a new country every month finally begins. I will miss my family, friends and coworkers that I’m leaving behind but I know that all the effort I put forward to get myself here will pay off.
So what’s next? I’ll arrive in Split tomorrow to begin the next chapter of my life with people I’ve never met in a...