Effective “Checkout”: Why Feedback Delivery Matters


Effective “Checkout”: Why Feedback Delivery Matters

By Joe Gilligan

Summary Points:
• Give regular feedback – like daily, and don’t wait for formal performance discussions.
• Be specific, and focus on the matters at hand. Whether positive or constructive, specificity is key.
• Performance is co-created, so invite them into the conversation. They probably know what’s up if you’re not happy with performance, so give them a chance to be self-accountable first.

The Checkout Scenario

When we go into a store and are at the point of making a transaction and checking out our items, we expect a certain tone and respect from the cashier who is checking us out. If the cashier were rude or question your shopping choices, you might feel thrown off, or maybe even question the legitimacy of the store you chose. Maybe this sort of interaction even leads to defensiveness from both parties, leading...