How to Create a Company Culture of Accountability

Listen Now: How to Create a Company Culture of Accountability

In this episode I speak with Jason Polstein about how he applied self-accountability as a concept inside his organization in the face of major loss. He also describes how growth mindset has changed his language and how staying open to possibilities preserves brainpower. We end with discussion of how Star Trek and Neil deGrasse Tyson changed how he thinks about how he communicates.

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Jason: I’d say, upon the discovery I was probably heavy in the red zone.
Laura: Mm hmm.
Jason: Red Zone is, like, I’m going in there and I’m blaming, um, I’m not taking any responsibility for it and it’s your fault.
Laura: Yup.
Jason: Green Zone is I’m coming in and saying, like, “Hey. We had this result that wasn’t what we wanted or wasn’t what we expected. How do we, as a...