What Problems Can Executive Coaching Solve?


What Problems Can Executive Coaching Solve?

Summary Points:

  1. Leaders have a plethora of reasons to turn to executive coaching
  2. Executive coaching helps you think differently to get “unstuck” from any situation
  3. Coaching focuses on building greater self-sufficiency for sustained value beyond the engagement
  4. Choosing a coach you trust to support AND challenge you is how to maximize the value

Most, if not all leaders reach a point in their careers where they fear they’ve gone too far. That they’ve been promoted to the point of their own incompetence.

They find that what got them to where they are is no longer working for them, and they feel stuck. They start to create these “false choices” – looking at the world in black and white – where neither of their two (false) choices are giving them the results they want.

So, more practically speaking, why would somebody hire an executive coach?

Why would somebody hire an...