You Want Me To Do What?

Listen Now: You Want Me To Do What?

Aaron LeClair values transparency, openness and relationships with people above all else. So what to do, when he finds himself in an organization asking him to go against those values? In this episode, we talk about his experience in this space, what he learned, and we even dive into an example of this misalignment that included yours truly.

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Cold Open

Aaron: I’m gonna disappoint Laura. I, I know she values this contract. I’m, how am I gonna have this conversation? It’s funny that a business transaction can get so personal so quickly.

Standard Open

In this episode, I speak with Aaron LeClair. I used to coach Aaron, and you hear some of that come out in me here as we talk – hey, what can I say? It’s what I do…

Aaron: The, the value systems when you’re centered on that. Sorry. The value...