Change can happen in an instant.


3 months ago today. A lovely summer day in Leipzig, Germany. My parents had left after a wonderful visit. Neil Jennings and I had finished a very successful presentation at Peter Wald’s HRInnoDay2019 with Octagon Careers, our start-up, which we left everything to pursue.

My back was a little sore. My mom asked me to please get it checked out. I said it was nothing. She convinced me. I went. After about 10 hours at a hospital in Leipzig, where Neil and I struggled to register in German, and anxiously awaited for an English-speaking doctor to appear, we finally found out what was wrong.

When I was 17, I had a scoliosis fusion surgery, where they straightened my spine, and put in titanium rods and screws to keep it from curving. Now here I was, after having travelled all around the world. Hiking Machu-Picchu in Peru, climbing waterfalls in Thailand, jumping into the water in Malaysia and Croatia more times than I could count. Years of issue-free travel as a Management Consultant, and a...