My Remote Year: adventure, growth & change.


January 26th, 2019 I sat at the Mexico City airport, thinking: I am done! I have successfully completed Remote Year, having spent 12 months travelling the world and learning how to work remotely. The thing is, the year was so much more than that. On January 26th, 2018, I never would have expected the year to have such a huge impact on my life.

I thought I would now be sitting in Toronto, at Monitor Deloitte, sharing stories with old friends. I thought I would be staying warm on my familiar sofa, watching some Netflix and enjoying a cup of tea. I thought I would be returning to the friends I know and love. Yet, here I am, writing this reflection from Leipzig, Germany. A place I didn’t know existed 6 months ago.

Although Remote Year finished over a month ago, the last 5 weeks, have felt akin to month 13. There has been so much change, travelling home to Winnipeg, stopping by Toronto and London, spending a week in Belfast, and finally arriving in Leipzig. During all this post-Remote...