Remote Year Month #11 in Review: Argentina + Colombia


Happy new year!! December was quite a different month on Remote Year for me. While the group headed to Bogota for the whole month, I opted to spend most of it in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. After more than 10 months on the road, I wanted to try working remotely a little closer to my family. Although I didn’t have the conventional Remote Year workspace, or events, we created replacements, and introduced Family Co-working and Family Weekend Tracks.

2018 has by far been the most different year of my life, and it wouldn’t have been possible without taking the leap and joining Remote Year. I am grateful for the encouragement I received from friends, family and colleagues to embark on this experience, that has led to immense personal and professional growth. As the program soon comes to an end, I will be sharing a larger reflection of the year away at the end of January.

Wish you all a wonderful start to 2019 and hope you enjoy some of the scenery and family pictures below.

A bit on Buenos...