Remote Year Month #8 in Review: Lisbon


I can’t believe I have now wrapped up my time in Europe. Lisbon was an incredible city to end the experience in, full of culture, captivating beach waves and incredible port close by. I also flew to London and Belfast on two separate occasions; the weekly travel reminded me of consulting travel projects. Below is my month in review of Lisbon. Took a little longer to get together as South America has been a bit of an adjustment (funny as I am originally from here!)

A bit on Lisbon: Full of culture, beautiful architecture, activities to take part in and endless food to try, Lisbon is definitely a place I would recommend visiting and would come back to myself. It is such a safe, warm city that you feel more inclined to be out and about constantly.

Belem: One of my most favourite places this month was Belem. A neighbourhood offering museums, monasteries and the most incredible pasteis de nata (although these are known as pasteis de Belem!) that I tried during my entire stay in Lisbon. I...