(today is the greatest…day of all)


Today is my 28th re-birth day. A noticeable pause in the story of life to catalog a chapter passed and set a thesis for the next one ahead.

Since our last check-in on my 27th birthday when I was feeling on top of the world – new city, new job, new apartment, etc., things have noticeably come back down to reality from the initial high of the honeymoon phase.

I look in the mirror and now see many different compositions. 

 Mirror Lake – @Yosemite

Like layers of metamorphic rock, the differences are not always apparent to the casual observer, but are reflected in the subtle differences in appearance and response to the weathering and erosion acting on the rocks.

Starting on the dating front, I must have gone on an average of 10 dates per month for a solid 5 months in the fall/winter. My first to second date conversion rate was 5% at best. As us PM’s like to say, that’s a steep funnel drop-off. 

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies (but sometimes it is) – Vernal Falls @Yosemite