How I’ve Managed To Keep My Skin Looking Dewy AF All Summer Long


I have hereby dubbed this “The Summer of Dewy Skin,” and in its honor have filled my skincare arsenal with any and every product I could find that would leave me looking like I had just spent three straight days at the hands of a facialist. Despite the fact that I have naturally dry skin (if I’m not careful, by 2pm most days it gets so dehydrated that it physically *hurts*), I’ve dedicated a lot of time recently into figuring out how to get that “inside out” glow that celebrities are always being celebrated for.

And not to toot my own horn, but after hours of trial and error I’ve finally figured it out. At least once a day I get an Instagram DM asking me how the hell I do it, so I figured it might be worth it to answer the question in long-form like actual beauty bloggers do. While the fact that I am perpetually sweating in New York City’s 100-degree heat may help, read on for the products and lifestyle hacks that have consumed my life in the last few months and come to define the...