My Guide to 72 Drunk Hours in Austin


Hi. I went to Austin last weekend, and my booze/barbecue hangover has finally subsided for long enough for me to write about it.

I met my Remote Year gal pals down South for what I hilariously referred to as “a bachelorette party with no bride,” a fact that I thought made us superior to everyone else visiting the city wearing matching tank tops/wigs/glitzed out Mickey Mouse Ears. I’d never been to Austin before, and within 2 minutes of being there (literally while we were still in the Uber from the airport) I decalred that I was going to have my mom ship my stuff down because I was never leaving.

I immediately fell in love with the city. In addition to the amazing food, cool vibes and nice people, everyone there just seemed to be in a constant good mood. Sure, it was 250 degrees and I couldn’t step outside without sweating through my shirt, but I received so many out-of-nowhere compliments from random strangers that I swear my head actually visibly grew a size.

New Yorkers, please...