Saying Goodbye to My Childhood Home is Giving Me A LOT of Feels


We moved to 140 Fox Run the week after my 5th birthday.

I remember watching the movers (one of whom I had a teeny 5-year-old crush on) putting my bunkbeds in my new room, which had been painted to look like the sky with random ballet slippers floating around on the sponge-painted clouds. That night, we went to the Ruby Tuesdays up the street for dinner, and I was SO excited because I’d never seen a salad bar before and couldn’t BELIVE that I had access to unlimited cottage cheese and crackers and canned peaches. There was also a Discovery Zone in the same strip mall, which was pretty much the best news ever.

22 years later, there have been about a million more memories made in this house. My bedroom went from sky blue to bright orange with a black shag carpet to princess-style pink, and my bunk beds were separated into twins and eventually replaced with a big, four-poster queen. I’m writing this while lying in that queen surrounded by these pretty pink walls for the very last...