Soooo, I Haven’t Actually Been On An Internet Date Since My Breakup


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am very, very active in the online dating scene. I’m constantly swiping through guys on Bumble, Tinder and J-Swipe, and am borderline addicted to Hinge. I’m constantly posting screen shots of my bad pickup lines (tbh, you should follow me — it’s pretty funny), and asking my audience about their thoughts on various topics related to dating in the Internet age.

There’s one problem with all of this, though: I haven’t actually been on an Internet date yet. (At least, not since the fall of 2015, when I went on exactly two before meeting my boyfriend and taking myself off the market)

Though I am arguably one of the most active dating app users in New York City (… the Hinge team themselves literally slid into my DM’s yesterday), I’m seemingly incapable of using them for their actual purpose, which is meeting people IRL.

I have plenty of pen pals, and have admittedly started staying up well into the night to chat with them (not in a dirty way,...