Welp, The End Is Here: Reflections on 12 Months With Remote Year


Five days post-farewell (which consisted of a rooftop party with more alcohol than I could have ever fathomed before I started hanging out with Australians, and so many tears that my contact lenses still won’t sit my eyes the right way) I’m sitting on the couch at my mom’s house with a 2015 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians blaring in the background trying to figure out how the hell I’m supposed to sum up this year into one neat little blog post.

I thought about putting together a list of “Lessons I’ve Learned During A Year Of Travel”:

Pisco sours have three shots of Pisco in them. Adjust accordingly. When riding an Uber moto, don’t hold on to the guy’s waist or he will ask you on a date Do not eat street meat in India. Trust. If someone sprays water on you in Santiago, they are trying to scam you. Don’t fall for it.

Or writing out an in-depth analysis of “What each month taught me”:

April in Cambodia: How to live without every comfort I’ve ever known July in Lisbon: How...