What It’s Like to Live in Morocco


Reflecting on the second month of my Remote Year experience.
If you missed Month One from life in Cape Town, read it here.

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Life in Cape Town was essentially one month-long honeymoon — especially since it was the first exciting month of my Remote Year journey — and as a result, moving to Morocco for five weeks felt like the whiplash equivalent to culture shock.

February was a quiet, pensive and challenging month — and my reflections from the second month of my travels through Africa are a bit more open-ended as a result.

I’ll start from the beginning, though:

Our first Remote Year “transition day” was a long one — our longest of the entire experience.

(Quick FYI for anyone who needs it: Remote Year is a travel program that enables digital nomads to live and work in a different country every month. At the end of each month, you transition to your new home/country.)

We left Cape Town on the evening of Jan. 26 and arrived to...