Shopping DayTaha & Sara took us to their favorite souks in…


Shopping Day

Taha & Sara took us to their favorite souks in the medina for all the best Moroccan goods!

Born and raised in the medina, Taha and Sara know this labyrinth like the back of their hand. Even though they grew up here I still have a hard time imagining what it’s like to know your way around without Google maps.

We started our day with breakfast- Moroccan donuts and mint tea, of course!

First stop on the shopping tour was Herboriste Secret - a spices & remedies shop in the heart of it. We met the famous Mus Mus, Taha and Sara’s good friend who has become a Remote Year celeb. He’s one of the youngest souk owners in the medina, a successful businessman (RY definitely brings him a lot of business thanks to Taha & Sara- they all work together). He sat us down and poured us tea, showcasing his teas, herbs, oils and potions with convincing showmanship. We all bought into it and I definitely fell for the “Moroccan eucalyptus” which is literally just menthol (though it does work...