Following the Locals – Week 1

I hope you like novels cause this one's a book.
Picture creds: Jason Yuhas, a fellow remote. Sick shot Jason!
After my first week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I’ve engaged in many new exciting experiences! These experiences have taught me about the similarities and differences between our American culture and theirs. My eyes have been opened, perspective has been shifted, and faith has been tested just in this one week alone. So what all have I seen? Where have I gone? What were the highs and lows of the week? Well, from tasting some of the best food in the world, singing on stage with a local band, and walking down the streets being offered sexual services, I’m not sure I can limit it to one high and one low. But let’s start at the beginning...
Walking off the plane in Kuala Lumpur (KL) was a great feeling. After 25 hours of traveling, I was ready to have my feet set on solid ground. I immediately looked around and thought to myself, “I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore.” With...