Getting into the Flow. Three lessons from 2018!


Lately every new year was bigger, wilder, more intense, crazier, more packed with experiences than the previous. But they averaged at “it was OK” in balance of what good and nasty had happened. 2018 is different. 2018 is very much on the “fuck yeah!” side of things. Here are 3 things I learned this year.

“If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.”
- Mario Andretti

This year has been kind of crazy. You know those crazies you love, the good crazies. In the dozen months I:

  • travelled some more around Central America
  • finished the 250,000+ miles of travel
  • moved to New York
  • started a new burning man camp
  • found love, traveled together, moved in together & got engaged 🔥!
  • grew my company HOO KOO E KOO by over 600% this year 🙀!
  • started over 20 new projects (and delivered many :))
  • and so so much more..

I think I’m writing this shorter than usual post just to give you an update and to express my gratitude for everything that happened. Because holy F!, so much good went on...