HOO KOO E KOO Retreat #1

Robert, the dolphin tagged along for the ride.

To celebrate 3 years of HOO KOO E KOO (the digital agency I started) and all the beautiful things that happened lately, we decided to add one more great moment. We organized our first retreat!

2 weeks ago most of our core team has gathered to spend 9+ days together on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.

In a typical HOO KOO E KOO fashion we had people from Algieria, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Philippines, Poland and the USA — and none of us lives where they started. We rented a house by the beach and we finally got to spend some time together on one continent.

Left-right: Ahmed, Ahlem, Rocio, Matt, Giulia, Chantelle, Johanna, Jorgen, Anoushka & Chris. HOO KOO E KOO Core team and some tribe :)

This retreat was an experiment, to see if we can have fun, bond but also work at the same time. We have a lot of projects on, and it was somewhat risky. So our very badass production team programmed the hell out of it just in case ⚡️

We explored...