Let’s Go Uncharted – Together


Hey stranger…fancy seeing you here! 👋🏼

If you’re seeing this in your inbox, you might be thinking –
She’s back!! Wait…what the heck?! 

I know…long time coming. But also, if you’re new here – welcome 🙂 

It’s July – exactly one year since I relocated to Tampa, Florida and a little over two years since I started this bizarre uncharted journey.

Before then, my life looked pretty ‘normal’.

I had a great job. I was living in my dream city. And I had a fairly set routine.

Wake up. Force myself to work out. Go to work. Eat dinner at the office.
Squeeze in happy hour, if I could muster the energy.
Fall asleep (often on the couch). Rinse & Repeat. 

Don’t get me wrong – this life worked well for me. I was successful, on my own, and happy. Kind of.

Day by day I was earning my stripes as a ‘true New Yorker’, but behind closed doors I was restless. I constantly craved something more, but was never quite sure what ‘more’ could be.

So, I did what any good millennial does.

I ran – halfway across the...