Rocking Your Vibes


Rise & shine gals!

It’s the first day of a brand new week and today we’re sitting down with our 1st official guest, Kacia Fitzgerald – a corporate hustler turned GAME changing best friend & business coach.

Kac is no stranger to big, scary life moves; but today she reminds us that it’s more often the small (sometimes, totally random) decisions that get us that much closer to our goals.

Whether you’re deep into a start-up idea, or don’t think you’re even capable of one, Kacia has some truth bombs that are bound to spark a fire in you. She’s also leaving us all with a mini challenge for getting out in the world and finding just one more person to bring in to your tribe.

So what do you say? Shall we begin?!



Kacia Fitzgerald is a former corporate ladder climber, with a background in IT Project Management and Engineering recruiting.

She left the corporate world at 25, when she found a greater passion and purpose in helping other women realize theirs.

She then went on to...