Start With Gratitude


Name one thing a former Anthropologie creative, a United Nations marketing strategist, a coloring book illustrator, a photographer & a mobile app designer all have in common…🧐

Well, for starters, they’re all the same badass female!! And secondly…she’s on this week’s episode of TheUnchartedPodcast! 🎉

Dana Reinert is a dear friend & travel companion, who is actively working towards her dream goal of landing #forbes30under30 list ~ along with a slew of other things she has on her plate!

Though she may be just shy of the cut off, even Dana will admit that her most favorite success stories rarely line up perfectly with her checklists of goals 😏 In fact, the adventures along the way often land her in a far better place.

What’s her secret to always excelling & keeping a sane mind?? Take a listen & find out, because it’s a good one.

Dana Reinert is an innovative designer and product strategist who focuses on creating impactful teams, award-winning products and exciting brands.

For the...