The Story Behind Uncharted

Hey girl…

Yes, you, scrolling social media on a late Sunday night. 👋🏼 Can I ask you something?

What do you do when the path you were always ‘supposed’ to follow doesn’t lead you where you thought you’d go?

What do you do when your life is ‘successful’, but something feels off?

What do you do when pleasing others, doesn’t please yourself?

What do you do, when you’re SO tired of chasing ‘great’?

Do you stay there? 

Do you stick to what you know and keep pushing forward?

Do you promise yourself that things will get better and this feeling is just part of living in the ‘real world’?

Do you ignore the voice inside you that tells you there’s GOT to be another way??

If you ask yourself these questions often or feel a sucker punch just by reading them…I feel you.

I hear you. I see you && I have been YOU.

And while I don’t have all the answers, there is 1 thing I definitely do know – things CAN be different.

You can live a life that’s fulfilling. You can experience a career that brings you...