4 big reasons to work for Yourself


I’ve just come up on the 1 year anniversary of forming my own company and working for myself 🎊. Now that I’ve had some time in the trenches, here are my big reasons why I love working for myself.

1. Flexibility

It should be no surprise that flexibility is a big reason to work for yourself. While most full-time jobs now offer a flexible work schedule, very few have ultimate flexibility of when and where you can work.

As a freelancer in the digital age, this can be taken to the extreme going on a program like Remote Year. Or you can take the plunge on your own and move to Columbia on a whim.

I’ve travelled all over the world — I’ve found that in most countries in Europe, Asia, and South America, Internet and Wi-fi is pretty easy to find. In some places (Vietnam), its even easier to find than in the US.

This means that you can work on a schedule that works best for you. I’ve been learning more about how to best organize my time, and its certainly not a 9–5 corporate work schedule.

My work...