Unrequited Love


I’m in love with someone and they don’t love me back. It’s mostly ok. Minus the screaming part.

I feel like I’m a catch. He makes me feel like shit. That’s the thing, right? About unrequited love? Unreasonable? Overwhelming? Pathetic?

It would be one thing to be a twenty-something and feel this way. The world is your oyster then.

Now? Dried up. Old. Over the hill. I think of words I’d never associate with little ole me. Especially someone so spunky, full of life and love.

What does one do when you meet this person? I know what you do when they feel the same way..but what happens when they don’t?

Currently, I’m avoiding other suitable men, hoping for a miracle that will never come.

But perhaps that’s just what single at 34 is. Avoidance. Broken heart. Defeat.