A Year of Pleasant Surprises


I’m sure anyone who reads this post will have the same thought: “I can’t believe it’s already been a year.” Well, believe you me, I can’t either. We have a running joke in Mangata where we say “In some ways, it seems like yesterday, and in other ways, it seems like years ago.” I say joke because we laugh about how frequently those words pop out of our mouths without us meaning to. But it is, of course, the truth.

Fortunately, though, for me it hasn’t seemed to fly by very quickly. Many of the places I visited this year feel like lifetimes ago. I feel like a different person. The same, but with so much more knowledge and appreciation than I left with. I better understand myself, how I operate, what I value in life now and in the future, the types of people I like working with and those I like being friends with, the places I connect with and why, and how easy it is to build the life you want for yourself if you just take the scary step forward and try something new. I feel so much...