Chillin in Cordoba + Chile


…pun intended

Part 1: Cordoba

I didn’t dislike Cordoba. I just didn’t love Cordoba. The city is situated in a gorgeous part of Argentina surrounded by small mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, and picturesque naturescapes. But you can’t support a group of 50 people who all need high speed wi-fi in a forest. Therefore, we ended up in the city of Cordoba which has some great things going for it. These include:

  • A bomb Saturday/Sunday night market.
  • A fun going-out scene. More chill than bigger cities but lots of unique spots (although in typical Argentine tradition, none of these places really get hopping till much past my bedtime).
  • Chili Street Food!! My favorite restaurant serving tacos al pastor like you’ve NEVER had them before.
  • A great coworking space called La Maquinita.
  • That's pretty much it.

Despite a lack of stuff to do, May was a good month for other reasons. I worked a lot without feeling like I was missing out on too much; I joined Tupperware club where four friends and I alternated...