Peruvian Expectations


Alternative title: Dear Lima, I Had Low Expectations for You and You Met Them But It’s Not Really Your Fault and the Rest of Peru’s Pretty Cool

Peru has never been at the top of my bucket list. When I would see yet another photo of someone at Machu Picchu, I would roll my eyes, stick up my nose, and tell myself I never wanted to go to such a tourist pit. I generalized this sentiment to the whole of the country, leading to some very low expectations upon entering the capital city of Lima.

But I was met with a welcome surprise and found myself liking Lima more than I thought. I didn’t realize at the time how down I had been about Argentina’s broken sidewalks that conjured images of 12th century ruins, long ATM lines, and other economic failings. Lima’s clean, modern aesthetic was a nice change of pace. The supermarkets were the best we’d seen in months and we lived close to trendy restaurants. Plus, my apartment was massive with a large kitchen, living room, private bathroom, etc. I...