Side Tripped Out


Really the only kind of problem I’ve ever had is a first world problem. Maybe the one that sounds the most ridiculous is that I’m exhausted from side tripping. But looking back, it’s been an amazing two weeks.

Joey visited (!!!), we went to Phuket & Phi Phi, and it was an absolute dream to travel together and explore these beautiful places. Ok, in reality Phuket City was nasty, but the beaches weren’t — and all that meant was we had to rent a motorbike to find more secluded spots and/or walk a little further to find empty stretches of sand. And, surprise! He and I travel really well together, so it didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing.

We took a speedboat for a day around Phi Phi, and it was one of the most pristine and dreamlike places we had ever seen. Other highlights of our trip included a monkey jumping onto our boat from a cliff, snorkeling with a barracuda (imagine me slowly drifting backwards and then sprint freestyling to the boat when the coast was clear),...