Why My Remote Year Became a Half Year — and that’s OK


In June 2016, I heard about Remote Year from a Norwegian guy in an UberPool. He had just finished the program and was continuing his travels solo in the U.S. I was amazed and intrigued that a work & travel program like that existed, but immediately tried to talk myself out of wanting to do such a thing. In the months that followed, the idea of RY faded away like a distant and unlikely dream. But after a while, my path seemed to slowly weave itself, as it tends to do.

Fast forward to exactly one year later: I was accepted, thrilled to have a blank canvas, and reassured to hear those closest to me say that the program was “made for me.” I was hoping for a drastic change, to see more of what the world really is, and to have a chance to become more aware and accepting of myself. I also wanted to adapt to a new job, lifestyle, and people. And boy, did I get that.

Then, as all good stories have a plot twist, I met an amazing person soon before I left, and we quickly found that we are...