Croatia | Brodosplit Shipyard

In each country, we get to choose from different local experience tracks which are designed by our local city teams. They're aimed at giving us a unique aspect of each country. I am part of the "Croatia - Love Hurts" track. Croatia is beautiful and old. Layers of history has shaped the minds of locals and have inspired them in unusual ways. The first event of this track was at the Brodosplit Shipyards. Located in Split the regional center of the eastern Adriatic coast and the second largest city in Croatia, whose history dates back to the Roman emperor Diocletian. This shipyard has played a significant role in Split economy. It felt like a walk back in time with old industrial techniques and resources. Josip Jurišić who is the PR Director walked us through the process of constructing a boat and told us stories that certainly put things in perspective, like what goes into that sip of orange juice you take with breakfast...yep there's a boat designed JUST for importing juice.