My First Drone Movie


I have been waiting quite some time for drones to be more safe and portable. The DJI Mavic Pro is the first drone that anybody can get but that is also good enough to create amazing professional-looking footage if you put your heart at it. This is not what I did for this first time. I was just excited to fly and try to put together a quick movie to gain from this experience till the next movie.


I obviously use the drone for all footage but added a few Gopro shots in between. Nothing was set on manual on the drone and there are definitely over-exposed shots and it gets “choppy” sometimes. After some research, I heard that you want your frame rate to be half your shutter speed for smoothness (so like aperture at 1/60 for 25 or 30 fps). So yeah, you need filters and you need to plan your shots instead of flying all around like an hungry bird. Also, I will experiment the D-Log mode next time, and enhance the images in post. I was just excited for this first drone...