Month 10: Medellin, Colombia

We celebrated an eternal spring in Medellín as our introduction to Colombia.

We welcomed the sunny and warm change in weather and were introduced to the lively city of Medellín, Colombia. While the group was diving right in, I admittedly didn’t find Medellín to be my easiest transition. It was a beautiful and exciting city, but a cold kept me down for a good portion of the month and a lengthy walk to the workspace had me feeling literally and metaphorically distant from the group at times. My roommates and I took the opportunity to settle into some routines from home frequenting the gym and cooking more often in our apartment. With it finally feeling like summer, we also took advantage of the pool at a friend’s accommodation.

We lived in the neighborhood of El Poblado. I was surprised at the number of tourists and digital nomads in the city, but it was the best neighborhood to enjoy the amazing restaurants and night life. Some of us kicked off our time in Medellín with a food tour....