Month 12: Mexico City, Mexico

And the final destination of the year, Mexico City was beautiful.

This has been, by far, the hardest blog to tackle. Before I dive into summing up the year, I’ll continue with my usual observations of the month. Mexico City was a wonderful place to end the year. While I didn’t use our workspace much, the incredibly walkable city offered many cafés to explore and felt green and lush, making it enjoyable just to walk without a destination. It was sunny with the regularly scheduled rain-o-clock around 5pm each day. Our apartments were incredible and I got to room with one of my closest friends on the trip. While our elevator scared us every time we rode it, the location was great.

My apartment was in the Condesa neighborhood, but much of our group lived in Roma Norte. It was lively and quaint, parks everywhere, dogs everywhere. With friends from home in town the first couple days, I was quickly exploring with bikes and eating all the tacos. The posh neighborhood of Polanco had a secret...