Month 8: Córdoba, Argentina

We experienced more Argentinian culture in the city of Córdoba.

For the first time on Remote Year, we did not switch countries this month. We welcomed the chance to embrace central Argentina in the city of Córdoba. The currency, language and local food remained the same, but this month was still a challenge to many of us as we reached nearly 8 months of travel. Whether it was exhaustion or the two weeks of rain to kick off our time in Córdoba, energy levels were low. We took the opportunity to return to some of our more familiar routines of workout classes, cooking in, and movie nights.

Although we may have been tired, it’s not to say it wasn’t a productive month. The workspace this month was definitely a favorite with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. We were situated in the neighborhood Nueva Córdoba, right next to downtown and where many university students lived, so bars were plentiful. Often, you’d see graduates celebrating, and in local tradition, would be covered...