Month 9: Lima, Peru

Despite a cloudy month in Lima, the food scene warmed our hearts.

Following some time at home, I ventured to another, but more southern Pacific Coast and traveled to Lima, Peru.  The introduction to Lima was not love at first sight. It is a loud bustling city with constant traffic and clouds all the time. Needless to say, I was hesitant on how I would enjoy the month. Leaving the sunny Pacific coast of California to arrive in a fall climate had me worried, especially following the already cloudy month in Córdoba. Within the first couple days of being there, I tasted the local food and drink of ceviche and pisco sours and felt more optimistic.

We lived in the neighborhood of Miraflores about a 20-minute walk from the cliff coast line. It was a trendy neighborhood with plenty of restaurants to enjoy local cuisine and fusion dishes from the Amazon, Japanese and Chinese influences. We dined at an Anthony Bourdain favorite that blended the Amazon and Peruvian classics, where food was...