A Little Lighter Today


I don’t want my Friends List to be a homogenized place where only people who agree with me are welcome. 

I’ve purposefully stayed friends and engaged with friends whose opinions swing to the Far Right and everything in between. 


Because it’s important that we don’t seal ourselves into a bubble.  It’s important that we try to see things from a perspective other than our own. 
This is what allows us to grow, to change. 

It is also what causes us to become frustrated and angry at the lack of understanding, empathy, and decency from the other side. 

You don’t want to support the Women’s March? Ok. But at least don’t say that it’s the “littering” and “wearing of vaginas” that upset you. 

And don’t say that it was the “looting” because that didn’t happen on the watch of the Women’s March. 

( Littering and looting occur in the name of sporting events but I don’t see you denouncing sports.)

And “wearing vaginas” is so terrible?  I’ve had to witness countless “truck nuts” going down...