Let the Wine of Friendship Never Run Dry*


One might think that the best part of traveling around the world with a program like Remote Year would be all of the amazing places I have seen, the delicious food I have gotten to try, the mingling of cultures, or “doing it for the ‘gram” in a legitimate way – however; not the case.  It is the doing of all of those things with the friends and now family I have made.**  This post is dedicated to two specific individuals who I now consider my sisters.

You may be thinking that having these amazing women in my life would help to diminish my anxiety gremlin, but when you start to realize that in three months they will no longer be with me physically every day, the panic starts to settle in.  Neither will be able to jump at the chance to join me on long sweaty walks to the museum, freezing cold walking tours through Berlin in November, on boat trips to deserted islands, to cater to my pizza addiction in SE Asia, to comfort me on a self-reflective tour through Auschwitz, or to give...