Why We All Should Get A Life Coach


I believe everybody needs a life coach.

I mean everybody. Even a life coach should get a life coach.

Why? Because life is too complex to face alone, we need help managing our obligations, wants, needs, and desires in order to bring balance to our life.

Yes, we all want to be happy, but none of us can identify what happiness is or really means to us.

What we really want is satisfaction, what we really want is fulfillment, what we ultimately want is to be content and that requires balance.

For the vast majority of us, life feels like running with a full cup of water while trying to keep it from spilling. Sounds nearly impossible, and for nearly all of us, it is.

Our future leaders have their hands full as she tries to balance the following: being a parent, being a spouse, leading her company, eating healthy, exercising everyday, getting adequate rest, exploring her spirituality, having some fun, traveling to new places, physically contributing her time to charity, pursuing further...