Why We Have a Love Hate Relationship With Social Media


Why is it that we love to take pictures, yet hate pictures were taken of us? Why is it that we are quick to point out the flaws of others but fight to defend our own flaws? Why do we seek friends and likes in social media, yet, we demonize social platforms?

It is because we tend to love others and hate ourselves. We either put others on a pedestal or we treat them miserably, all because we don’t have the courage to accept what we see in the mirror.

Social media is no different. We love to use the platforms, however, we become upset when it exposes our reality. Many of us doubt that there is any reality within social media, believing it is artificial. There is no way someone has more than 100 real friends, people are jerks because they troll others and leave negative comments. Someone is always trying to sell us something or scam us. Everybody is looking for a quick buck, our information is being stolen, and people make their lives look better than their current reality. This has a...