5.0 | A Month of Firsts in Chiang Mai


After a rough January, February was heavenly in comparison. Unlike the usual chilly, snowy and dark Februaries of Canadian winters, wintertime in Chiang Mai mostly comprised of sunshine, long hours of daylight, and an average of 26ºC. This month was also a month of firsts. From climbing up a waterfall and doing Muay Thai, to walking side by side with free roaming elephants and crafting paper from their poop, this February has been my favourite month of Remote Year so far.

First Stressful(ish) Transition

Moving from Tokyo to Chiang Mai was one of the more stressful transitions. As nomads that are moving every thirty odd days, a 23kg suitcase, 10kg carry on and a personal item is what most of us carry. Those are pretty standard limitations for flying within North American and most of Europe. However, within Asia, weight restrictions are much smaller. We had a 20kg limit with a 7kg limit for both the carry on and personal item. It was a challenge. On transition day, we stuffed our...