8.1 Cordoba: Life in The Sierras


In addition to the road trip and mountain biking, I spent another few days exploring the alternative lifestyles in Argentina — life in the Sierras.

Gaucho Lifestyle

Gauchos are, in essence, Argentinian cowboys. They’re skilled horsemen and outdoors men who spent most of their time living in the countryside. Often nomadic and unruly, it’s no surprised they’re often romanticized about in Argentinian culture.

We visited the area of San Clemente. There, we met up with Fernando, our Gaucho expert and his family, who had lived there for several generations. While we hopped on the horses and hung onto to reigns for our dear lives, we learned that the life in the Sierras was quite simple. Unlike farmers, they often raised, planted and harvested what they consume and instead of making their way into town or a market, they preferred a bartering system with their neighbours. That day, we galloped for hours. Our long lost friend sunshine made a rare appearance as we relished in the mountainous...