9.0 | Lima: Skip It In June


Month 9 took place in Lima, Peru. After a month in Cordoba, we all entered the city with high hopes of sunny weather, warmer temperatures and cleaner apartments. Our expectations of moving onto the next city was high, but they weren’t met.

June was dead center of winter in Lima. It never rained. Just foggy, humid, misty. Weather was about 18º in the daytime and dropping to a 12º in the evening. The apartment building I stayed in didn’t have heaters nor insulated windows or floors, and without the sun warming it up during the day, it’s uncommon to find ourselves wrapped in multiple layer of sweaters or simply staying at the workspace to maximize our time in the warmth.

Traveling was supposed to open our eyes so we’d gain more perspective and become more flexible. However, what it also does is make us realize what things are important to us and what aren’t. This month, I realized how much more particular I am with my home. Things I found I definitely don’t need in my future home...