9.1 | Peru: Ica & Hucachina


While I did not have a great impression of Lima, what I really did enjoy about Peru were some of its other cities like Ica and Huacachina. Both places showed me a different side of Peruvian culture and introduced me to the vast and varied terrains of Peru.

On our third weekend in Lima, a few of us decided to rent a car and escape the foggy and cold weather to a city three hours south, Ica. Driving through Peruvian traffic has gone down in my books as one my proudest moments. It was not easy. Left turning cars from farmost right lane, five cars driving parallel in a three lane road, and traffic lights only appear as a suggestion.

But after an exhilarating few hours of holding our breathes in many tight situations, we arrived at a walled off area in a relatively poor neighbourhood. The pink gate parted and we were treated to a beautiful vineyard hidden behind the massive bars. The juxtaposition did strike us as odd. How such a beautiful vineyard can lie amongst one of the poorer...