Pandemic Must-Reads


In what feels like 5 years worth of breaking news compressed into a week, Coronavirus has officially been declared a pandemic, the entire NHL got suspended, Europeans can’t fly to the US for 30 days (but Americans living or currently visiting Europe can because, as we all know, our rabid patriotism makes us naturally immune to carrying viral contaminants across borders), and of course, blah blah something stock market blah (tbh I have no idea what the implications of that are, since I’ve never had enough spare cash to participate in societally-sanctioned gambling—err, I mean, The Market.)

Oh and PS, we’re all supposed to stay home as much as possible now.*


I have prepared a list of book recommendations to hunker down with while you’re trapped in the ever-shrinking four walls of your house. I’ve ranked them in order from “educational texts about all the dystopian issues we should be discussing right now” all the way up to “fluffy tales guaranteed to distract you from...