Leveled by an atomic bomb in 1945, a visit to Hiroshima provides invaluable insight into the devastation the city and its people faced, while also providing a sobering reminder of the dangers of nuclear warfare, a reminder that seems more pertinent than ever in recent months. Just off the coast from the city, the island of Miyajima offers small town charm and is home to the revered and frequently photographed Itsukushima Shrine with its iconic floating tori gate. Although a two day, one night visit is perhaps the best way to see both Hiroshima & Miyajima in their entirety, a one day visit from Osaka or Kyoto is both feasible and not to be missed even if time is tight.
9:00am - 9:15am Arrive in Hiroshima
Catch an early train from Osaka or Kyoto to arrive in Hiroshima around 9:15am. I highly recommend purchasing a Japan Rail Pass for any visit to Japan for efficient travel throughout the country (A Beginner's Guide to the Japan Rail Pass is coming soon!). Use Hyperdia to check train...