Just a short hour and a half drive from the San Diego border, Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe is a an up-and-coming food and wine destination worthy of global recognition. Often referred to as the Napa Valley of Mexico, Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe has all the charm and leisure of its Alta California counterpart, without the crowds and the cost. The low-key, thoroughly Mexico vibe invites you to relax, sip on some truly excellent wines, and enjoy an idyllic wine region.
For those venturing from California, I found the easiest / fastest way was to walk across the border from San Diego at the PedWest border crossing in San Ysidro, hopping in a taxi to a nearby rental car spot (don't pay more than $5, really should be $3-$4), and renting a car for the drive south in Tijuana. If you opt to drive across the border, expect to wait several hours at the border crossing (keep in mind, that if you rent a car in San Diego, many rental agencies don't allow you to drive into Mexico). Do...