The artistic and cultural hub of Japan, Kyoto is a foodie paradise and offers a wide range of dining experiences spanning traditional Japanese to the more avant-garde and international. The craft of cooking, as in all facets of Japanese life, has been honed over the generations and a respect for the ingredients, the quality of the presentation, and the overall harmony of a dish manifests itself perfectly in the foods and culinary explorations found in Kyoto. Food, in my opinion, is the epitome of cultural and local expression, and the variety and refinement found in Japanese cuisine is incredibly difficult to find elsewhere. As in the rest of Japan, a bad meal is hard to find in Kyoto, so do stray off of the below list and see what else you uncover.
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Shouraian - To try tofu artfully prepared and presented in a variety of ways don't miss Shoraian in Arashiyama. Dishes span yuba (soft tofu skin), yudofu (tofu boiled in broth), and even a delicious tofu ice cream. The...