Cake and Heartbreak in Buenos Aires


The beauty and grandeur of our second Argentinian city was a welcome relief from the squalor of Cordoba, and while the road would continue to be bumpy emotionally, the peaks confidently outweighed the valleys in June.

I loved my apartment from the second I stepped into it, had the best sleep in over a month, then sprung out the door on the first morning to run through the incredible parks and start taking in the architecture. The crisp early winter air and the changing leaves of the parks both reminded me of home, and of my favorite place to run in the world: Central Park NY.

There was little time to settle in though, it was time to face one of biggest fears.

Argentinian Polo Day

I’m been pretty terrified of horses since I was a little kid, so if you’d asked me any other day to go learn to play Polo, my answer would have absolutely been no. But my friend Ash caught me at an opportune time, feeling both a little sorry for myself, and ready to do something outrageous, so I considered it...